Freitag, 18. August 2017

Found new friends both real and on paper

I was asked to be Jutta Bauer's assistant during International Summer Academy Pentiment in Hamburg. It was two weeks of extremely intense working. I learnt a lot about the (my) creative process, combining different techniques and about social group dynamics! I met a lot of inspiring people from different places with completely different backgrounds and life concepts. What's most important, I made new friends! 

I'm going post most of the drawings I created during these two weeks in chronological order. Even the rubbish  rough sketches are included!
The course's topic was just to work on questions. General questions that we ask ourselves. One of my favourite questions in the beginning was "would I be into it?" ("Wäre das was für mich?"). Initially, I asked myself this question when I saw these cool Rollerderby girls at a festival in my city. (They are so MEGA cool, wearing Spandex, listening to Disco music!)

Anyway, I made up this little plot about me standing at the bus stop, looking stoically at posters advertising different things like yoga, motorcycles, boat cruises,... The only thing that would change are the weather and my clothes. I completely dumped the idea during week two, though. I just wasn't able to find the flow within the drawing process. It all ended in a mega unproductive Monday with some frustration on top.
The idea of Pentiment is to provide a "temporary field for experimental working without necessarily creating a final result". That's why I decided to liberate myself from this not 100% working idea. So I just started making stuff that was fun and came out of my hand easily with the flow I had been searching for. Turns out this was the right way to go! But here starts another post.
So for now check out my process of the first couple of days of Pentiment.

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